Инновации и эксперимент в образовании

Municipal education: innovation and experiment №1


Municipal education: innovation and experiment
№ 1(2017)

Муниципальное образование №7

The theory of innovation

P. Gulyukina. Ecologically oriented experience formation in the process of Foreign Language acquisition with primary school children

M. Firsova, L. Borshevetskaya. Corporate Training of school teachers in SMART technologies .

Natalia G. Tagiltseva, Van Bodun. The communion of the chinese students to the russian musical culture

Theory and a vocational training technique

T. M. Voiteleva, O. N. Marchenko. The use of integrated didactic units in the process of teaching Russian as a foreign language

Nadezhda P. Mamaeva. Methodical aspects of organization of musical education in russian foreign extracurricular institutions

From theory to practice, the implementation of the Federal State Educational Standard

Taradanova, E. J. Lozhkina, T. V. Gavrikova. New architectural-planning decisions and the organization of technological processes for early childhood education

Adel T. Nysanov. Social and pedagogical support of upper form pupils in the process of occupational guidance culture development in supplementary  education

Innovation and research projects, programs, approaches

A.A. Dmitriev, V.A. Galkina. Theoretical basics of base regulative learning skills forming with mentally disordered primary school children

Valery N. Klepikov,  Marina M. Martynova, Svetlana Turukina. Creative role-reference signals at the present mathematics lessons in school (From experience of mathematics teachers in grades 5-8)

Sergei V. Golubchikov, Vladimir K. Novikov, Anastasia V. Baranova. Legal model of information security (data protection) in the educational process

Innovations in educational institutions

Lourie Leonid. Learning and up-bringing as innovative process of personality development

Alla S. Sidenko. Features of management by development of innovative processes in educational institutions with the introduction of the GEF

S.K. Tkalich, G.I. Fazylzyanov, V.V. Ballow. Conceptual approach to the continuous education of children  and adolescents on the examples of the historical and cultural heritage of Russia («Arts education» future teachers)

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Инновации и эксперимент в образовании