Инновации и эксперимент в образовании

Municipal education: innovation and experiment №3.

Municipal education: innovation and experiment 2017 No. 3.

Муниципальное образование №3_2017

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From theory to practice the implementation of FGOS


Vodyakha Julia E., Voroshilova Olga O. Рsychological readiness of older teenagers to the unified state examination in terms of educational organizations

Kusakina Maria A. Tutor support of musically gifted children

Shubnyakova Natalya G., Khasyanova Alfiya M. Organization of the project activity of students in the modern conditions of the general education school


The theory of innovative activities

Mudrik A.V. Method of studying the social sphere: participant observation

Anzina T. I., Rozhina E. Y. Strategy of influence as a reference point for the formation of the manager's corporate competence

Ovchinnikov Yu.D., Prokopchuk Yu. А., Shiyanov G. P. Features of studying and development of the training program of "biomechanic of motive activity"

Innovation and research projects, programs, approaches

Yachmeneva M. V. Formation of a sistem of parental competence as a factor of social sostainebility  of a young famili

Kamyshanova E. A., Terakowska T. V., Kulinicheva O. An integrative approach to formation of ecological competence of students

Schinova N.А. Support for children with special educational needs in the evening (shift) schools as an direction of modern educational policy


Innovation in educational organizations

Akimova O. B., Moskvina J. A. Multimedia mind-maps in the English teacher's job

Paskhalova L. N., Dolgopolova I. V. Project approach: program development gymnasium

Maximova L.Y. preparation of pedagogical shots concerning realization of gender approach in education


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Инновации и эксперимент в образовании