Инновации и эксперимент в образовании

Municipal education: innovation and experiment №5


Municipal education: innovation and experiment
№ 5(2016)

Муниципальное образование №6

From theory to practice, the implementation of the Federal State Educational Standard

Trofimova E. D. Role of music in formation of the moral ideas younger schoolchildren

Vostrikova M. V. Features of the design and implementation of pedagogical technology of interaction of school and family-based system-activity approach

Dyakova I. V. The contents of the stable harmonically developing space of primary schoolchildren’s extracurricular activities while teaching English

The theory of innovation

Zagvyazinsky V. I. Concerning the social importance and a demand of pedagogical researches

Fedorov V. A., Stepanov A. V., Stepanova T. M. Organizational forms of structures of the modern university as a condition for improvement of educational and methodical work


Innovations in educational institutions

Lourie L. I. Why graduates of pedagogical institutes become managers?

Abramov R. A. Outsourcing model of public participation in local government

Korolev D. A., Kolbe A. S., Pavolotsky A. V. Implementation of peer assessment in full-time courses

Innovation and research projects, programs, approaches

Pykanov I. V. Functional approach to the study of the motivational management activities of the head of school

Akimova A. A., Zerchaninova T. E. Research of practice of management of a municipal education system of the city of Pervouralsk

Veselova V. V. Gamification society as a consequence of the development of information and communication technologies

Kolmakova K. S. Students’ development of creative abilities at music lessons at school.

Education abroad

Tagiltseva N. G., Van Bodun. The communion of the Chinese students to the Russian musical culture

Mamaeva N. P. Methodical aspects of organization of musical education in russian foreign extracurricular institutions

Instructions for Authors

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Filatova M. N. Modern approaches to the development and quality assessment of enrichment programs in the general supplementary education

Taradanovа I.I., Lozhkina E.Y., Gavrikova T.V. New architectural and planning solutions and organization of technological processes for early childhood education.

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Инновации и эксперимент в образовании