Инновации и эксперимент в образовании

Municipal education: innovation and experiment №5_

History of pedagogy and education, general pedagogy

Apukhtina A.V. Сyber-safe behavior of schoolboys as a modern pedagogical aim

Orlova Elena V. Debates are an Effective Innovative Means of Improving Communicative Competence in Russian Language Classes

Abdullina L. B., Golovneva E. V.,

Emelyanova T. V., Kuvatova R. B. Аesthetic education of younger students

in the structure of ethnopedagogics .

Rydze O. A. Developing information literacy  in primary school learners:  general and individual approaches

Grishaeva N. P., Strukova L. M. Modern technologies of socialization of

preschool children: «children-volunteers»  and «social action»

N. Zueva. The peculiar properties of work of organization for orphans  on reintegration of children in a native family

Professional education:  theory and methodology

Khafizova Natalia Yurievna, Ekimova N. V.

Managing the productive activity  of the teacher as a factor in the development  of his professionalism

Korotun V. L. Training in note-taking  in foreign language lectures  as a stage of technical universities student preparation for professional activity

Mazurchuk N.I.,  Mazurchuk E. O., Borovikov S.Y.

The actual state of the hierarchy of value orientations of students of pedagogical universities

Bulavleva T.V. Methodological aspects of re-socialization in an interdisciplinary discourse

Pykanov I. V., Nedzvetskaya M. N. Management of motivation of participants

of project activities in the school.

Education of students with disabilities

Poltoratskaya N. L. Activities ogbo  «smolensk pedagogical  college» as the basic professional  educational organization

The description of the health status of students physical and not physical universities of the kuban

Lyzar O. G., Budyansky V., Mednikov A. Physical exercises as an effective means

Osik V. I., Belozerova N. P. The description of the health status of students  physical and not physical universities  of the kuban.



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Инновации и эксперимент в образовании