Инновации и эксперимент в образовании

Municipal education: innovation and experiment №6


Municipal education: innovation and experiment
№ 6(2016)

Муниципальное образование №6

Akimova O. B., Tabachenko T. S. Promising directions of the state language policy in the field of Russian language and literature

Barinova K. V. Efficient solutions to the problem of modern English language teaching in the context of global development and integration

Doronin A. V. Development of professional competence of teachers-the leaders of education in the conditions of the probation area

Ivanov S. A., Abramova N. L. Touch of practice interaction with nature in ecological education children

Kuznetsova M. I. Modern technologies monitoring and evaluation of educational achievements of younger schoolboys in the conditions of realization in primary schools with the new standards

Ruchkin A. V. Technology integrated case studies in higher education: application experience

Safontsev S. A., Safontseva N. Yu. The organization of modular learning models in high school

Seryakova S. B., Shiryaeva V. V. The structure of professional deformation of teachers: a case study of the additional education of children

Snigiryova T. A., Grishanova I. A. The formation of the structure of students knowledge: a methodological aspect

Tagiltseva N. G., Prisiazhnaia E. A. Information technologies in professional activity of the additional education teacher

Chupina V. A., Bannikova T. I. The value of practical education in self-educational activity of students

Shustova L. P., Nikitina O. G., Gritsenko V. V. Polycultural approach in social education of the personality as an innovation in additional education

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Инновации и эксперимент в образовании