Инновации и эксперимент в образовании

Municipal education: innovation and experiment №6.

Municipal formation: innovation and experiment 2017. 6.

Theory of innovation activity

Bershadskaya Elena A., BershadskiyMichail E. Application of cognitive educational technologies in the system of secondary professional pedagogical education

Kurnosova Svetlana A., Shevelyeva Natalia N., BagramyanEmmanuil R. Features of project management of programs of improving quality of education in schools with low training results

AnastasiiaPleshakova.The backgrounds of the german duak education implementation into the russian professional education.

Shamaeva Galina I. Interactive technologies and means of monitoring homework at school physical education lessons

Innovative and research projects, programs, approaches

Karavaytsev K. V., Sergeeva T. F. Organization of network research projects of training and teachers as the condition of realization of innovative pedagogical activity

Kazurova Olga А.The role of the tourist and local activities in support of co-realizatsii minors

Rydze O. A. Readiness of primary school students for self-education: approaches to evaluation

Innovations in educational organizations

Kurnosova Svetlana A. Indicators best practices of constituent entities of the Russian Federation on the organization of the centers for the provision of psychological, educational, diagnostic and consultative assistance to parents with children of preschool age

Markaryan Yu. A., Kharchenko L. N. The problems and contradictions that accompany the development of the model of a modern regional university

Lourie Leonid. Interactive technologies and means of monitoring homework at school physical education lessons

KazimovMammad. Integration in the teaching process of technology

Elena E. Neupokoeva. Vocational education teachers’ training in using practical software in context of dublin competences’ descriptorsmental disabilities

Solovov S.М., Bakuradze A.Б.Directions of development of educational process in modern cadet boarding schools: goals and results of innovation


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Инновации и эксперимент в образовании