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Инновации и эксперимент в образовании

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The journal is extended by new rubric «In the previous issue»

The rubric gives a brief description of the articles published in the previous issue of the «Municipal education: innovations and experiment» journal. If you have taken interest in some articles of the issue 2008, №5 you can order them via e-mail Данный адрес e-mail защищен от спам-ботов, Вам необходимо включить Javascript для его просмотра.

In the previous issue

1. Sergey Fyoklin,

Center for Legal Control Support in Education, deputy director,

Independent school management

Who and what rights is given in administering independent school?

Organization management; independent school promoter; head of independent school; independent school supervisory board.

The author touches on the aspect of independent school management: organs involved in school management, their power, composition and functions, competence and responsibility.

2. T.Tabardanova, Teachers’ Training Institute, Ulianovsk

Modern manager and organizational culture in educational institution.

What skills should a modern manager have to rule the innovative educational institution?

organizational culture concept; cultural stereotypes; culture of «the order»; culture of activity; culture of individuality; factors affecting manager’s policy; subculture of failure, success, war (confrontation), human potential development; manager’s «hypothesis».

The author believes that the right understanding of organizational culture helps the manager to choose the most effective strategy for running school innovative development. The article concerns organizational culture types which determine manager’s policy and action, the basic components of manager training for innovative education.

3. V.Yefimov, Ph.D., Teacher Training Academy, associate professor

Modeling as the Means of Social-pedagogic projecting.

How modeling of educational process can help in social-pedagogic projecting?

modeling; model concept; social-pedagogic modeling; objectives of modeling; means of modeling; levels of modeling; modeling scale.

The author considers modeling as the important means of social-pedagogic projecting that may help reduce or avoid innovation risks and possible negative effects. The author gives the model concept, means of modeling, factors that effect the results of modeling.

4. A.Sidenko, Ph.D., Teacher Training Academy, professor

Teacher created educational program and types of teacher created learning aids.

What is educational program, what kind it might be and how it can be designed?

Educational program; methodology of educational program development; reflection; teaching experience dissemination.

The article presents the algorithm of educational program design which can serve as program primary appraisal mechanism allowing to assess its structure and validity, types of teacher created learning aids and programs. The article may be useful for school headmasters when consulting teachers on the questions of program development or making program primary appraisal.

5. V.Osovina, V.Yeliseyev, L.Yermakova, N.Tyugasheva. Ulianovsk Teacher Training Institute, Education management department

Municipal education management development foundations.

How can content and implementation techniques of each management function be improved?

Methodological structures; client organizations; subject and methodological service; productive teaching techniques package and workshop; monitoring service.

The group of authors presents the experience in innovation process management on the municipal level in Ulianovsk region: projecting of municipal school network restructuring; organizing municipal innovation sites; network schools interaction; consulting and audit in education. The first part of the article is published in this issue.

6. D.Saveliev, V.Vershinin, Ulianovsk Teacher Training Institute

PREW - the Program of Research and Experimental Work (continued)

What are the methods of research and experimental work content and efficiency assessment?

The author shares successful experience of experimental work in pedagogy resulted in positive changes of the whole region education system. The second part of the article emphasizes experimental work principles, its efficiency criteria, outcomes assessment, teacher created materials and products quality evaluation.

7. L.Poteriayeva, Novosibirsk School # 170, headmaster

Modern projecting of School Organizational Structure

Management of a big staff is possible, but will it be effective, isn’t that the administration beyond the principal’s strength?

Organizational structure, traditional management, functional structure.

The author reflects on the problem of effective administering a big school staff and finds the solution in forming of management organizational structure. The article presents the author’s view on school organizational structure and organizational structure projecting technique.

8. V.Sologoub, head of multimedia learning aids department, Teacher Training Academy

Methodology of Multimedia Learning Aids and Programs Design (continued)

Multimedia program, colour, colour technique, colour harmony, colour effects.

The 6th lessons concerns the art of the colour and teaches how to chose and operate correct colour gamut for teacher created multimedia learning aid.

9. E.Ponomareva, Ph.D., Teacher Training Academy, associate professor

General Learning Skills in Modern Teaching Practice

What should the teacher know to help the student acquire general learning techniques and skills?

Teacher’s functions; action, ways of activity, operation; methodology of teaching learning techniques.

The goal of the article is to remind teachers the theoretical basics of methodology of teaching students general learning techniques and methods.

10. G.Yashina, Ph.D., Moscow School # 64

Innovation Techniques in Teaching Astronomy at School.

What are the ways of efficient teaching of one hour per week course?

Astronomy; function of creative activity direction; project and research activity.

To study school program in astronomy having one lesson a week by means of classical teaching methods is almost impossible. The author believes that the most efficient method of teaching this subject is project based learning and shares her successful experience and teaching techniques.

11. I.Poutintseva, Novosibirsk, Ermine Gymnasium # 6, headmaster

Gymnasium Board of Governors as New Innovation Resource.

What are board of governors’ functions in the gymnasium development?

Organizational-economic mechanism; effective organization features; social partnership; board of governors priority policy and activities.

The author considers gymnasium board of governors as a new innovation resource proposing wide involvement of representatives of different social spheres into school development and educational problems solution. The article concerns gymnasium boards of governors’ functions, responsibilities and practical steps in school development governing.

12. M.Karayeva, Ph.D., Norilsk, Secondary school # 29, headmaster

Creating Health Developing Environment at School.

What are the ways of creating conditions favourable for students’ health development at school?

Healthy and adapted students; health developing conditions, responsibility for new generations’ social, psychological, ecological wellbeing; students’ health care awareness.

The article presents the school program for creating health care educational environment providing students and teachers’ health care and support, students’ responsibility and health care awareness development.

13. A.Pelenev, Ph.D., Perm Teachers Training Institute

Actual Issues of Teacher Professional Activities and Competence.

Can Russian education academicism be considered as its advantage?

Problems of professional pedagogic activities; school graduate competitive ability; students’ health worsening.

The article deals with the problem of modern education insufficiency for life success and presents the general view on the problem focusing attention on the lack of the most important action components particularly. The author emphasizes the role of the teacher in providing students with necessary tools and skills so that learning and doing wouldn’t be afterwards the mere reproduction of what had been learned.

14. V.Boudnikova, Y.Parshoukov, Education department, Stariy Oscol

Program for pedagogic monitoring system development on high school education quality

How to design the program for pedagogic monitoring system development?

The article covers the goals, objectives, principles and main areas of monitoring, its phases and feasibility conditions.

15. L.Naumova, preparatory school headmaster,

N.Kalinina, PhD, Ulianovsk

Culturological Education in Preparatory School: contents and realization.

How can contents of education in preparatory school be changed? How to provide preparatory and elementary culturological education succession?

Culturological education; innovation programs; types of students cultural and creative activities.

The article shows innovation culturological preparatory school features, specific successive curricula characteristics, means and methods of its realization.

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