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Инновации и эксперимент в образовании

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Innovative projects and programs in education. - 2013. - № 3.


The theory of innovation

Komarov K.Iu. The methodological basis for the development of innovative models of territorial educational space

Ignatova V.A. The socio-cultural dynamics and education in the context of post-nonclassical science

Zakirova A.F. Theory and practice of science education teaching hermeneutics

Lur`e L.I. Spiritual and moral education or secular ethics

Benin V.L. Pedagogy of the era of post-nonclassical science

Kamka S.V. Formation of common cultural competence participants in the educational process

Medvedev I.F. The concept of self-education: basic concepts and structure.

GEF second generation

Kartasheva A.A. Communication skills of the educational process as a category of non-classical paradigm of creativity, and creativity

Belyaeva L.A, Novikova O.N. Playing as a method of constructing a personal identity 

Gluhareva O.G. The formation of key competence of the students of high school at the lessons of Informatics and ICT through project training.


Innovations in educational institutions


Desnitckaia V.V. The formation of a research student competence in mathematics lessons in secondary school

Solovyova N.G., Tarakanova V.V. Psychological and educational impact of the teacher on student learning a foreign language in a technical college

Poltoratskaya N.L. On the question of the organization of an inclusive educational process in the Smolensk Pedagogical College




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