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Инновации и эксперимент в образовании

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Innovative projects and programs in education. - 2016. - № 2.

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Theory and methodology of professional education

V.P. Borisenkov

Problems of training of pedagogical staff in modern conditions

I. Ya. Murzina

The vectors of current research in the field of cultural studies

T. A. Boronenko, V. S. Fedotova

Preparation of future teachers to the use of distance learning technologies in professional activity

E.V. Ryabinina

The role of the teacher as a mediator of the relationship between the process of optimization of high school students

The theory of innovation

A.A. Frolov.

The essence, purpose and system the sequence of implementation of general education

A.V. Kiseleva

Revisiting the implementation of the independent work of students on the basis of statistical data in the Ural state academy of architecture and arts

N.V. Gribkova

Evaluation of the internal and external environment of professional and educational organizations as a factor in the formation of an effective internal quality system

Innovations in educational institutions

N.G. Tagiltseva, F.D. Shavov, E.L. Iazy`kov

Use of suggestopedia methods in music education of preschool children

N. D. Belousovа

Application of case-technology as a means of improving the quality of training of students on discipline «engineering graphics»

A. V. Ruchkin

The main shortcomings of the national institute of state awards in the sphere of education and science

Education abroad

S.V. Skvortsova

Creative Activity of Comprehensive School Students (on the Basis of British System of Education)

V.P. Grahov, Y.G. Kislyakova

By the experience of foreign internship among russian students

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