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Инновации и эксперимент в образовании

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Innovative projects and programs in education. - 2011. - № 5.


The theory of innovation activity

Luchkina T. V. Theoretical aspects of the formation of professional and personal position of the young teachers

Dvoryantseva S. E. Some approaches to quality management education in terms of innovative development of school

Valyuh MN Goleva LV Diagnostics of health orientation of the personality

Popov N.I. Training in solution of text algebraic problems: Theoretical and methodological foundations


The new educational standards, second generation

Gaidukova V.I. New standards and the principle of psychological comfort

Tarakanova V.V., Volkova I. V. The effectiveness of pedagogical support to young people with addictive behavior

Zhigareva N.V. Using computer models to generate critical thinking of students in learning physics

Safronova L.V. Markova V.I. Kochkina T.P. Gifted children: Experience of effective pedagogy

Innovations in educational institutions

Rozhkova O. Y. Evstifeyeva O. V. From school to study holistic educational space

Hotinets V.Y. Development of a multi-cultural competence in the high school project research

Shikhov Y. A. The level of training of students in the "school profile - higher education institution": A comprehensive qualimetric monitoring

Vorobiev D.R. providing for the preparation of competitiveness Welder welding shops to the modernization (Yakutia)

Hegumen George (Shestun), V. Zakharchenko Civilization approach to developing the concept of the subject "Orthodox culture"

Master class

Aksenova M. N., Kozyreva O.F., Lankina M.B. and others metasubject "the problem" in the formation of outlook of the pupils

Kungurov A. Y. Scenario lesson on the theme: "Global issues of the day: life or self-destruction?!"