Инновации и эксперимент в образовании

Innovative projects and programs in education.-2011.-№ 3.


Innovative projects and programs in education. - 2011. - № 3.


The theory of innovation activity

Slobodchikov V. I. Conceptual Basics of Anthropology of Modern Education

Dudina M. N. A New Educational Paradigm: Problems of the Content of Education

Benin V. Pedagogical Culturology or cultural view of education

Verbitsky A.A. The basic contradictions in the way of formation of a new educational paradigm

Feldstein D. E. Psychological and Pedagogical Problems of a New School in the Changed World of Present-Day Children

Zagvyazinsky V. I. The Nature of Typical Mistakes Made in Pedagogical Research

Fomicheva T.L., Ryzhuk M.Y., Nimatulaev M.M. CSE in contemporary Russian education system

The new educational standards, second generation

Akutina S. P., Nikolina V. V. The Cooperation Principles Between Teachers and Parents in Educating the Moral-ethical Values to High School Students.

Davydova Nathalia N. Administrative activity of school administration for transfering an educational institution into a self-development mode.

Degtyaryov S. N. Creative Solution to Complicated Problems

Seregin G.M. Diagnosis of pupil’s understanding levels

Innovations in educational institutions

Davydova N.N., Zhuravleva A.V. Working out the integrative model of creation of conditions for forming the socially-successful individuality in the conditions of comprehensive school.

Zeer E. F., Konyukhova E. T. Psychological Factors Determining Teachers’ Readiness for Innovative Activities

Ivanov S.A., Voroshilova T.A. Modern ecological education:from ecocentral principles to noosphere outlook

Master class

Klimontova T. A. Peculiatities of the Inner World of Gifted Teenagers

Sorokina L. A. Readiness of Teenagers for Safe Behaviour in Everyday Life

Mazura T.V. KVN script on the history of "Cause time - before pleasure»

Morozova L.P. Lesson Literature "Eyes charm ».

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