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Инновации и эксперимент в образовании

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Innovative projects and programs in education. - 2011. - № 4.


The theory of innovation activity

Verbitsky A.A. Context-competence Approach to the Modernization of Education

Blynov V.I. Deficiency of Pedagogical Personnel: Past, Present and Future

Ignatov S.B. Ecological Competence in the Context of Education for Steady Development

Tchiknaverova K. G. Autonomous Learning as the Basis for Development of Independent

Activities of Students: Methodological Aspect of Home Research

The new educational standards, second generation

Davydova N.N. Usova O.N. Development of Process Model of Management of Education Quality in Modern General School

Bershadskaya E.A., Bershadsky M.E. Assignments for Diagnostics of Connections between Different Notions

Segeda T.A. Differential Teaching of Schoolchildren on the Basis of Cognitive Style Variants

Yakovleva G.V. Contents and Organization of Innovation Activity in Modern Preschool Institutions

Innovations in educational institutions

Sidenko A.S. Model of Intercompany Qualification Upgrading in Preparation of Schools to Realization of the New Educational Standards, Second Generation

Pakalina E.N. Psychological and Pedagogical Competence of Teachers in Correction Groups in Elementary and Intermediate Professional Education Institutions

Pashkevich A.V. Making of Monitoring of Professional Activity of Teacher during Realization of Competence Approach in School Educational Process

Gert V.A. Problem of Subjectivity in Modern Educational Institution

Master class

Semizdralova O.A. Ways to Overcome Stress in Pedagogical Activity

Polosova L.B. Factors Affecting the Formation of Meaningful Relationship between Teachers and Child

Timofeev A.P., Timofeeva O.Y. Problems and Perspectives of Teaching the Course «Introduction to Energy-saving» in Moscow

Lezhnina T.V. The Network Model of School Education in the Administrative District of Metropolis