Инновации и эксперимент в образовании

Innovative projects and programs in education.-2012.-№ 4.

Innovative projects and programs in education. - 2012. - № 4.


The theory of innovation activity

Gaponyuk P.N. The development of modern education as a model of advanced type

Zeer E.F., Symanyuk E.E. Competence-based approach as a factor in the implementation of innovative education

Dzhurinsky A.N. Problems of education in a multicultural society in Russia and the West

The new educational standards, second generation

Gorinskiy A. Changing patterns of teacher education in the innovation process

Kazachihina MV development set on innovation in teachers

Sidenko EA Some theoretical aspects of the formation of a workers' education achievement motivation

Tkachenko, E., Sobolev, NF, Nikiforov SV, Medvedev, NA,  Belopashentseva SA

Evolutionary and co-creative strategy development of the teaching staff, in cooperation as the main condition for the implementation of the educational objectives of GEF - 2

Zarichnyi GA Support innovation activities of teachers at the school level

Innovations in educational institutions

Lurie LI What it means to be the most reading country in the world?

Nikitina EY, Tikhonov AL problematization of educational material in the design of digital resources of foreign language education

Gorbenko ZP, Kostrubova GA Theory and practice of distance learning technologies in the general education of the Altai Territory




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