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Инновации и эксперимент в образовании

Innovative projects and programs in education.-2012.-№ 6. PDF Печать E-mail

Innovative projects and programs in education. - 2012. - № 6.


The theory of innovation

Stetsenko I.A. Reflection-based model of teacher education

Lurie L.I .Will oversee cooperate subjects of education?

Zhokhov A.L. On culture professionals as the main landmark modernization of modern education

Antipina I.O. Current approaches to the definition of relevant professional competencies of the principal in the national pedagogical science and practice

Builova L.N. Formation of the system of professional teachers of additional education for children in Moscow nowadays

The new educational standards, second generation

Novoselov S.A., Trifonova O. V. Integrated development of creative abilities of students

Zeer E.F., Popova L.S. Influence of the level of creativity to overcome the barriers of professional development of teachers

Dorogina O.I. Psychological features of teachers with different levels of efficiency

Innovation in educational institutions


Sibirtseva E.A., Trenihina S.Y. A resource center - primary school in networking

Eremeeva O.V. General principles for selection of non-verbal communication within the socio-cultural approach in teaching a foreign language

Poltoratskaya N.L., Solovyova G.V. On the formation of the language culture of the future teachers

Solovyova N.S. Product names in the language system: some approaches to the problem of terminology

Goudova M. Y. Post-literacy as topical issues of contemporary culture


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