Инновации и эксперимент в образовании

Innovative projects and programs in education.-2013.-№ 1.

Innovative projects and programs in education. - 2013. - № 1.




The theory of innovation

Andryukhina L.M. Topology cultural creativity: human performance XXI century

Maximova E.A. Frame-based approach to educational research

Starodubtsev V.A., Shepel O.M., Kiseleva A.A. Synergistic aspects of modern educational process

Bakuradze A.B. The influence of values on the motivation of teachers

Akimova O.B., Franz A.C. Generosity of the teacher as the basis of pedagogical counteract bitterness youth morals

Sachkova N.A. Game theory as explaining the scheme of social processes: the material pedagogy


GEF second generation

Ignatov S.B. The use of technology "case study" in the formation of environmental competence of students

Sviridova E.M., Masloboschikova A.E. The phenomenon of the phenomenon of socialization: diagnosis, levels, conditions, approaches to student activities at school

Yukhina E.A. Monitoring of psychological development of students in the pilot project, "the theory and practice of preparing tourists to the Rescue (search and rescue operations in the natural environment)"

Kochnev V.P. Propaedeutics language of mathematical structures and patterns in the profile of natural science in school


Innovation in educational institutions

Poltoratskaya N.L. By the introduction of the local systems of quality management in secondary vocational education

Solovyova G.S. The role of speech and speech material in the teaching of the Russian language and literature

Efimova G.Z. «The social rate» as a key characteristic of the actor innovation economy

Vasilieva I.V. Context-sensitive approach as a way of overcoming the problems of modern psycho




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