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Инновации и эксперимент в образовании

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Innovative projects and programs in education. - 2013. - № 2.


The theory of innovation

Zagvyazinsky V.I. Strategic guidelines for the development of national education and ways to implement them

Kormil'tsev M.V. Psychological determinants of occupational mobility of the individual

Morozova S.A., Symanyuk E.E. Occupational mobility as a factor in the implementation of innovation teacher

Andreyev Yu.V. Creating a situation of success as the embodiment of the idea of optimism: the pedagogical theory of interpretation M. Seligman

Serikov S.G., Serikov G.N. Humanely oriented interpretation of the quality of education

Klekovkin GA The role and place in the school fuzionizma geometric formation


GEF second generation

Desyaterichenko M.A. Preparation of heads of educational institutions to build intraschool quality management systems

Franz A.S., Zybina O.O. Intelligence as a moral premise of intellectual and creative activity of man (historical aspect)

Lurie L.I. Could be fascinating reading a textbook?


Innovations in educational institutions

Teterin S.L. The activities FGAOU APC and PPRO in the context of the modernization of federal-regional training system of the Russian Federation of Education Workers

Lomov S.P. The methodology of artistic activity

Lee N.G. Problems of training of teachers and teaching methods drawing

Koshaev V.B. The social importance of graphic arts education and its prospects


Education Abroad

Yavich R.P., Davidovich N. Management of educational activity of students on the basis of networked information technology

Gazizova A.I. The development of the "science - education - production" in Turkey as the key to building a national innovation system



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