Инновации и эксперимент в образовании

Innovative projects and programs in education.-2013.-№ 4.

Innovative projects and programs in education. - 2013. - № 4.


The theory of innovation

Belousov K.I., Mishlanova S.L., Zasedateleva M.G. Thesaurus modelling of the subject area «Competence-based approach»: research design and programme realization on the IS

«Semograph» base

Koshkina E.A. Conceptual and terminological apparatus of pedagogy as a matter of historical and pedagogical research

Belyakova M.M. Didactic opportunities structural logic in the study of literature

Fomenko S.L. The process of development of teaching staff of the concept, content and technology competence-based approach in education

GEF second generation

Oblasova T.V. The specificity of texts for the development of school text in the study of the humanities

Potapova N.V. Application of schemes-support when forming grammatical skills at pupils at the initial stage of learning English

Ry`bka E.V. The use of the debate in the training of reasoning children 10–12 years

Chepaikina I.A. Didactic game as a means of self-control in preschool children

Innovations in educational institutions


Davydova N.N. The development of self-organization Shelter in research and education network

Lurie L.I. Is it possible to «calculate» the quality of education?

Panova E.S. Development of the system of pedagogical predicting success in school

Lozhkina E.J. On the question of the development of human capital means the educational institution of professional educational competitions

Lutsenko A.N. Abramovskaya L.N., Vashenko G.A., CHirkova V.V. The effectiveness of publicsocial management in the educational institution

Education Abroad

Lou Vanya (PRC). Tolstoyism and Taoism





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