Инновации и эксперимент в образовании

Innovative projects and programs in education.-2014.-№ 2.

Innovative projects and programs in education. - 2014. - № 2.


The theory of innovation

Ovchinnikov M.V., Ziering D.A. Pedagogical activity: Success Criteria

Akimov O.B., Tabachenko T.S. Teacher education: the cognitive component tolerance

Ogorodnikov A.Y. Integration system of values in the innovation process of social organization

GEF second generation

Badmaeva B.B. Age features modern students 10–12 years

Sapa A.V. Generation Z – generation era GEF

Vasilyeva M.V. Mathematical methods and strategies to address non-standard problems in algebra class in profile (elective course)


Innovations in educational institutions

Savin A.P., Abdulgazizova E.R., Zaitseva M.P. Psychological stability in the educational process

Poltoratskaya N.L., Repina G.A. Socialization of persons with special educational needs on the basis of the Smolensk Pedagogical College: actual resources, Challenges and Prospects

Solovieva V.N. Interdisciplinary communication humanities in the study of literature at school

Sharkunova Y.V. Social and personal self-determination of students in a northern region

Hudyakov V.P., Kishchenko S.E. Psychological preparation of athletes in team sports training process and competition

Petrachkov K.V. Education Phalanx singing students cadet classes

Chikova T.A. Impact of multimedia technology on the development of aesthetic education of children's art school students (DSHI)


Education Abroad

Skliarenko T.M. Distance education: foreign concepts

Sergeeva E.V. Development of creative component in the educational systems of the United Kingdom, the United States and Russia





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