Инновации и эксперимент в образовании

Innovative projects and programs in education.-2014.-№ 3.

Innovative projects and programs in education. - 2014. - № 3.


The theory of innovation

Chapaev N.K. Curriculum V.V. Davydova: philosophical and pedagogical background of the development of the method of ascent from the abstract to the concrete

Andryuhina L.M. Open educational space as a necessary condition of human potential incremental innovation

Shmigirilova I.B. School education: problems of implementation of the competence approach

GEF second generation

Bulygina L.N. Formation of communicative competence of adolescents

Chikova T.A. Impact of multimedia technology on the development of aesthetic education of children’s art school students (DSHI)

Koveshnikova O.T. Design Basics model of formation of civil self-senior high school

Tretyakov N.V, Fedorov V.A. Quality health-activity: the conceptual aspect

Innovations in educational institutions

Znamenskaya T.A. Problems of bilingualism and its impact on linguistic identity

Selivanova O.A. Actualization of experience in the creation of juvenile secure social environment

Golubeva N.V. Developing and making music zdorovesberegajushchego potential elementary school

Glazyrina E.J. Musical and artistic education: interactive technology

Domestic education: history and traditions

Polishchuk V.I. History of Russian Education: traditions of education «new man»

Fedoseeva M.V. Methodical recommendations about increase of overall performance of student’s self-government by means of electronic resources (network communities)

Testov V.A. Mathematics education and networking space



Information about the opening of a new column in the journal «Experiment and innovation s at school» «Teachers of Russia against fascism!»

Information about the release of the book: School management: organizational and psychological and pedagogical aspects. Reference Dictionary. / Ed. A.M.Moiseeva and A.A.Hvana



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