Инновации и эксперимент в образовании

Innovative projects and programs in education.-2014.-№ 4.

Innovative projects and programs in education. - 2014. - № 4.


The theory of innovation

Zagvyazinsky V.I., Plotnikov L.D., Volosnikova L.M. Strategy possible development of teacher education in Russia

Gorinskiy A.S. Value foundations of modern heuristic learning technologies

Zeer E.F., Symanyuk E.E. The implementation of competence-based approach in the Innovative Education

Volodina E.N. Network project «language development of personality in general education»: the experience of implementation in schools of Tyumen Region

Gudova M.Iu. Actual problems of modern culture: postgramotnost

Nadolinskaya T.V. The phenomenon of the game in the context of the history of philosophy, culture and pedagogy

Experience and problems of development of higher education

Stetcenko I.A. Formation of pedagogical reflection in the system of higher pedagogical education

Romanenko A.I. Expertise to optimize the objective content of teaching special subjects in high school

Kolokol’nikova Z.U., Lobanova O.V., Yakovleva E.N. Museum education as a means of formation of cultural and educational competence of future teachers

Perminov E.A. Methodological principles of mathematical preparation of teachers of vocational training

Sal’nikov V.A., Revenco E.M., Bebinov S.E. Innovative physical education: sportsoriented approach.

Innovations in educational institutions

Veduta O.V. The formation of learning motivation of students of technical secondary specialized educational institution

Plekhanov A.A. Organization based distance learning platform moodle in Olympic Reserve School №1 city of Yekaterinburg

Kashnik O.I., Bryzgalina A.A. Theoretical aspects of the social security



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