Инновации и эксперимент в образовании

Innovative projects and programs in education.-2014.-№ 5.

Innovative projects and programs in education. - 2014. - № 5.


The theory of innovation

Eremeeva O.V.
The process of learning a foreign language: the principles of selection of nonverbal communication tools

Korotkova M.A., Rimskaya T.G.
Formation of general cultural competence of students: opportunities and innovation potential of the branches of the regional universities

Abilova B.A.
Modern conditions of pedagogical activity of teachers of the Russian language in a technical college

Starikov P.A.
Comprehensive analysis of the concepts of modern students about creativity

Shvetsova A.V.
The development of gender culture as social interaction

Baryshnikova O.M.
Theoretical bases C. Freinet pedagogy

GEF second generation

Yakovlev S.V.
The mechanism of transformation of the event information in the cognitive experience of the subject

Ivanov S.A.
The practice of implementing the course “Philosophy for Children” in elementary school: the experience of

Klekovkin G.A.
Geometric School education: questions of succession

Babanova I.A.
Using TRIZ for the revitalization of the students

Innovations in educational institutions

Davydova N.N., Sinyakova M.G., Fomenko S.A.
Development cooperation of educational, professional and social organizations in the cluster network integration

Vasilyeva I.V., Grigoriev P.E.
Influence of feedback on the activities intuitsionnuyu

Livshits V.A.
Modern concepts of engineering education

Lazareva O.A.
The process of learning Russian as a foreign language: building the conceptual knowledge

Baskova T.B.
The organization of research activity of students with visual impairments (based on biology)

Education Abroad

Xie Yonghui (China). Development Trends of Chinese painting at the moment: general provisions



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