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Инновации и эксперимент в образовании

Innovative projects and programs in education.-2012.-№ 2. PDF Печать E-mail

Innovative projects and programs in education. - 2012. - № 2.


The theory of innovation activity

Ivanova N.P. The technology of structuring social and educational situations in the thesaurus-based approach

Marchuk N.Y. Features professional and personal direction of the teacher in modern educational system

Kislov A.G., Plotnikova E.V. Isolationism in the teaching profession

Vasilieva V.V. Creating a model of increasing the investment attractiveness of the modern school

The new educational standards, second generation

Loginova A.S. Educational cooperation in developing training

Bobrovnikova E.R . Scientific and methodical support of teachers on the basis of a joint activity of the educational space

Zolotaryuk A.V., Nimatulaev M.M. Problems of the State Exams: A new approach to the formation of the grade school

Koltyshev V.A. Mukhina S.S., Frolov A.A., Frolova Y. N. The formation of developmental education in primary schools aimed at establishing meta-key competences

Samsonova O.B., Tkachenko T.A. Features of the organization of research activities of students in the establishment of high-status

Tagiltseva N. G. The development of creative activity for children and youth: a kindergarten, school, high school

Innovations in educational institutions

Nakishova E.Y. Educational opportunities of choral theater for children and adolescents

Nagaychenko N.N., Petuhova T.V. INNOVATIVE PROGRAM ADDITIONAL EDUCATION - "SUCCESS", aimed at achieving the meta-RESULTS

Demidova E.V. The work of the class teacher with parents

Shmarova I.V. The use of creative projects for the development of coherent speech in children with bilingualism

Okunenko L.A., Zaplatina E.A. A creative project in the school with advanced study of particular subjects of artistic and aesthetic cycle: problems of implementation and deployment

Sidenko Alla S. The components of the research project as a means to justify building a dissertation topic



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