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Инновации и эксперимент в образовании

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Innovative projects and programs in education. - 2012. - № 5.


The theory of innovation activity

Borisenkov V.P. What is education today?

Lurie L.I. Eyes Mathematics Education

Kislov A.G., E.M. Kropaneva education as a condition of the right to a dignified human existence

Marchuk N.Y. Ways to optimize professional and personal orientation of the teacher

Borodin N.V., D.G. Miroshin, T.V. Shestakov Pedagogical conditions of organization of case technology in distance learning based on a modular approach

Ganaeva E.A. Development of professional competence of school directors in matters of innovation


The new educational standards, second generation

Kashchuk Y.N. Experience smyslozhiznennoy crisis in adolescence

Artemyev V.V., Voronin L. Formation of universal primary school educational activities in the process of learning science

Nikitina E.Y. Nikitina, A. Tikhonov problematization of educational material in the design of digital resources of foreign language education

Serpionova E.I. Features of asymmetry, personality and voice students of different educational profiles

Sadyrin V.V. Rationalization of school education in a multi-level municipalities


Innovations in educational institutions

Aref'eva T.A., E.V. Tokarev Creating a model high school educational environment creative type

Yaroslavtseva E.N. Development of a model system of quality education that promotes the development of modern high school in the innovation mode



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