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Инновации и эксперимент в образовании

Innovative projects and programs in education.-2015.-№ 5

Innovative projects and programs in education. - 2015. - № 5.

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The theory of innovation

S.L. Fomenko, S.A. Belova

Pedagogical conditions of formation of the teaching staff as a subject of activity in modern school

L.I. Lurie

Equality in education – the act of justice, the source of confrontation? Part 1

Federal state educational standard

E.I. Purgina, S.V. Solov’eva

The ways of formation of communicative competence of pupils at lessons of literature

O.V. Smolentseva

Ways of formation of effective educational environment at school

N.I. Mazorchuk, E.V. Kul’

The formation of communicative universal educational actions in foreign language lessons based on

telecommunication projects

Federal state educational standards

Irina B. Shmigirilova
The formation of cognitive competence of pupils

V.N.  Klepikov
«Three pillars» of modern education

M.Y. Pushnikova
Modular training in scientific work with student

M. G. Mamedova, F. R. Mamedzade
Identifying the relevance of it education to the labor market demand

Theory and methodology of professional education

S.A. Miniurova, A.I. Kalashnikov
The development of the test for the diagnostic of the professional commitment: the definition of the
phenomena construct

N.G. Nikokoshevа, G.V. Kupriyanova
An independent evaluation of competences and qualifications of graduates of educational institutions
as a problem of study of quality assessment of professional teacher education

S.Y. Savinova, N.G. Shubnyakova
Project activity in the professional training of bachelors - managers

Innovations in educational institutions

L.N. Buylova, A.B. Bakuradze
The regional program of development of additional education of children of the city of Moscow for 2016–2018: purposes, tasks and directions of realization

A.V. Zberovskiy
Gender Orientation of Secondary Education through Russian Youth Surveys: Issues Discussion

B.I. Igoshev, N.N. Davydova, S.L. Fomenko
The main approaches to the development of mechanisms of integration of corporate integrated systems in the educational sphere.

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