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Инновации и эксперимент в образовании

Innovative projects and programs in education.-2017.-№ 3


Theory and methodology of professional education

Kalashnikova N.G, Zharkova E. N. The management of the formation of regional systems Teacher growth

Kurnosova S.A., Shevelyeva N. N., Bagramyan E. R. Networking in the task of improving the quality of education in schools with low learning outcomes and schools operating in difficult social conditions

Konobeeva T.A., Sheveleva N. N. Development of the teacher in the conditions of pedagogical team activities

The theory of innovation

Akimova E. Identification of the leading motives of students attended for more lessons in sports

Loginova L.G., Nefedova G.M. The integration of formal, non-formal and informal education of the teacher

Chupina V. A., Vedenina O.A. Independent physical activity during the session as a criterion of readiness of students for independent activity

Innovations in educational institutions

Barinova K.V. Development of universal learning skills in the context of the dialogue paradigm of foreign language education

Reznik N.A. Science and education: information and facts in a modern space RUNET

Pleshakova A. Culture as a resource of identity

Saperova D.A. Monitoring of learner`s personal results as a quality indicator of early-school foreign language education


Problems of the theory and practice of education

Mudrik A.V. Philosophy of social education as a section of social pedagogy

Lurie L.I. Conceptual and methodological problems of training of cadets and adjuncts of national guard troops of the russian federation

The organization of motivating activities


Sidenko E.A. From the theoretical aspects motivation of trainees in foreign and domestic psychological and pedagogical science to practice changes


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