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Инновации и эксперимент в образовании

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Innovative projects and programs in education 2018. № 1

The theory of innovation

L. Lourie. «New wave» lyceums in verse crisis education reforms in russia (based on lyceum № 1 experience, the city of perm)

O. B. Akimova, T. S. Tabachenko. Application of active distance training forms in preparation of masters

E. V. Panicheva, V. Y. Pankova. Translation referencing as a factor of teaching a foreign language as a means for communication  in the professional sphere


Theory and methodology of professional education

Korotun V.L. Authentic Lectures of Technical Universities as a Means of Foreign Language professionalisation

Mirzoeva, E. V., A. S. Tyutyunnikov , M. G. Kovalenko. The application of mathematical methods in creating models of queueing systems

Lurie L.I., Sigidenko S.Y. Cultural direction of pedagogical training of courses of troops of national guards of the russian federation


Innovative and research projects, programs, approaches

O. B. Akimova, M. D. Shcherbin. Digital transformation of education: timeliness of educational and cognitive independence of students .

Y. Ermakova. Innovative approaches to education of culture of health of students in the college environment

E. V. Orlova. Learning role games at russian language terms

Innovations in the educational organizations

N. I. Mazurchuk, E. O. Mazurchuk, E. V. Ziryanova. Communicative competence of Junior schoolchildren with different levels of self-esteem

S. B. Afonin. The main provisions of building an adaptive training course

E. A. Sidenko. Philosophical and methodological approach to the formation of a single organizational culture of the

educational organization based on the mechanism of transition motivation to avoid failure in the motivation for success

I. P. Klemаntovich. Psychological and pedagogical problems of microsocium



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Рожкова О.Ю., Евстифеева О.В. Интеграция основного и дополнительного образования как условие повышения качества экологического воспитания детей и подростков
Лобок А.М., Никонова Л.М., Ярославцева Е.А., Бордюгова О.А. Формирование гражданского самосознания и духовно-нравственных качеств личности обучающихся в условиях ученического самоуправления (Проект «Шаг навстречу»)
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