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Инновации и эксперимент в образовании

Innovative projects and programs in education.-2018.-№ 2


Innovative projects and programs in education. 2018. No. 2.

13.00.01 - General pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education

Leonid Lourie. Innovative activity in the context of educational philosophy

Potemkina T., Popkova S. Competitions of professional workshop as a means of professional and personal development of a student of college

Iourieva S. S. Educational and research activities at german language lessons as a form of self-realization and motivation to learn german of high school students

Farid Suleymanov. Social aspects of inclusion

13.00.02-Theory and methods of training and education (by areas and levels of education)

Voiteleva T., Marchenko O. Methods and advice for training russian language as a non-natural

Gerasimenko N.А., Sidenko A.S. Review of the monograph " linguistic and Didactic bases of education Russian as a second language»

Bulavleva T. - Innovations in education: integration into the process of resocialization of adolescents

Belyakova O.V. Accounting of age features of a child development at identification of his endowments

Manuzina S. L., Kamanina M. V.  Mental arithmetic

Ovchinnikov Y. D., Plotnikova Y.V. Ergonomic toys in the tactile sensations of fingers (using block designer Finklestein™)

Polyakov A.V., Lukyanov A.P. Interaction of the teacher and students in the class of musical instrument (piano)

13.00.08-Theory and methods of professional education

Panchenko O.G., Savostyanov A. I. Spatial organization of artistry in teaching culture of modern teacher in the process of improving the qualifications of

Afanasyeva T. P., Novikova G.P., Tynnikov Y. S.  The formation of professional language awareness of teachers of the educational complex by means of reflexive-role-playing*

Pudenko T.I.,  Skurikhina J.A. Individualization of teachers 'professional development in the context of new tasks, problems and opportunities of the national system of teachers' growth

Desyatnik E. To develop the competence of the manager's goal-setting: the contextual approach


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